$388 B

Philadelphia GDP (4th in the nation and 9th in the world)

$5.6 M

Per company in 2015

$13 B

Contributed by University City companies to local and regional economy



TOP 20

Philadelphia global rank in VC funding




Increase in VC funding since 2012

$516 M

VC investment (93 ventures)

$103 K

Average salary at University City incubated companies


Spurring Investments

The economic impact from the completion of Schuylkill Yards will be unmistakable; it has the potential to add 25,000 new jobs and create millions of dollars in new tax revenue. Schuylkill Yards is part of the Keystone Opportunity Zone, giving businesses tax benefits that will further stimulate investment and growth in our community.


"With a vibrant and growing startup community, Philadelphia is increasingly the place to be if you are an entrepeneur, an innovator, or an investor."

— Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital